Sophie Wright Catering offers you the unique opportunity to have your event managed and catered for by one of the UK’s most successful female chefs…

We are an extremely enthusiastic catering and event organisers who will go that extra mile to make sure that your event, may that be a special occasion, director’s dining, canapés for 500 or a show stopping sit down dinner for 2000, will be flawless, feel effortless to our clients and run like clockwork. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality products, paired with highly experienced and knowledgeable chefs and organisers who really know their onions!

I started this company with the view that I wanted to deliver the best possible product to the fantastic foodie public. With my experience of cooking for the rich and famous over the years, I know how to deliver the best food possible, individually designed to each client’s request.

Our services range from fine dining to kiddies parties, so anything is possible at Sophie Wright Catering. We pride ourselves on being extremely flexible when it comes to planning your specific event and can tailor everything to your exact needs, from finding the perfect venue for your event, to creating beautiful table dressing and flower arrangements, the band for the all-important dancing element to the event and of course, the food!

All menus are bespoke to you and designed by me, Sophie Wright, I make sure that during our initial meeting I get a really good understanding of what it is exactly that you think you want, then use all my experience and know-how to make it 10 times better.  My sole aim is to use my finesse and delicate touch with food to turn any menu from okay, to fantastic!

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