Toffee Apples

You really should give this recipe ago,especially as there is no better night to eat them than fireworks night, which just happens to be tonight!! We all need a nostalgic taste of childhood once in a while.  Really fun to make and for a fraction of the price of shop bought ones. Just watch your teeth in the caramel.

Prep time 5 mins

Cook time 15 mins

Setting time 15 mins

Serves 6

6 apples, small ones are best but whatever you have.  Small pears also work really well.

225g sugar

110mls water

Drop of vinegar

2 tbsp golden syrup

25g butter

6 wooden sticks, skewers or lollie sticks are fine.

• Place the sugar and water into a pan and place on a medium heat.  Allow the sugar to melt before adding the vinegar, butter and golden syrup and bring to the boil.  Don’t stir it at this stage. Don’t use a non stick pan for this as it makes the sugar crystallise.

You want to get the toffee to hard-crack stage, this means when you add a tiny drop of the cooked toffee to the bowl of cold water it will instantly from a hard ball.  The temp for this is 135-140oc.  It should take about 10 minutes from boiling to reach this stage. Use a digital or sugar thermometer for this.

• Skewer each apple at the bottom end with a wooden skewer.

• When the toffee is ready, turn off the heat and dip the apple in to the hot mixture and coat it well and evenly in the toffee.

• Place the apple on a grease baking tray with the stick end pointing up and allow the toffee to set for 15 minutes.

• If you want to eat these a day or so later, wrap them in cellophane and secure in place with string or a pretty ribbon.

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