Sophie chats to student chefs of Northampton college


Since I became relatively successful as a young female chef, I have made a point of returning to colleges and schools and simply having and chat and cooking some grub with the aspiring chefs.

This year I visited many including Birmingham, Northampton, Westminster, Bath and The Cordon Bleu to name but a few and most in association with NZ Venison.

I give the students tips on butchery, how to plan a menu, how to think about the cost of you dishes and how I balance flavours and seasoning but most importantly, we speak about their confidence.

I am continuously, completely blown away by the passion they have for food and the love they are already developing for the industry that I owe so much to.

In this video, I talk about the tough times young students have and how to conquer that. How to gain confidence and be proud of what you do and what you love to do.

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