Muffaletta Sandwich. BBC Radio 4 The Kitchen Cabinet

This week i was once again back on the panel for the new series of BBC Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet.  I was in very good company.  The lovely Tim Anderson, former Master Chef Winner and expert on Japanese food.  Henry Dimbley, the founder of the food chain, Leon and champion of the Healthy School Food Program and Zoe Laughlin from the Institute of Making.  We are expertly kept in check by Food Critic, Jay Rayner.

We were in the beautiful Kent costal village of Sandwich talking about, yes you guessed it, Sandwiches (amongst other things) and i decided to make the ultimate Muffaletta.  Basically a huge Sandwich!

This is a hollowed out Cob loaf, filled with delicious selection of ingredients and pressed over night.  Unfortunately my sandwich was devourer so quickly by the audience that i didn’t have time to snap a picture but i have added a link here so you can get a visual of how your Muffaletta should look, should you have trouble envisioning it.

To make a Muffaletta you will need

1 Cob loaf

150g Parma Ham or other cured meat

2 whole roasted red peppers, opened up and seeds removed.

50mls Pesto (home made or shop bought but fresh is best)

100g Cream Cheese

25g Pitted black olives, roughly chopped

25g fresh basil

50g sunblushed tomatoes, roughly chopped

200g mozzerella, sliced or torn

50mls Olive oil


Remove the top of the Cob using a bread knife and hollow out the centre of the loaf. Retain the dough which can be sued for breadcrumbs.  Be careful not to rip any of the crust away which could make the sandwich leak.

Spread the cream cheese all over the base of the hollowed loaf, followed by all your remaining ingredients which should be layered on top of each other. Season with salt and pepper and press each layer down as you go.

Finish with a final layer of pesto and drizzle inner part of the top of the Cob with olive oil.

Place the lid back on to your now filled loaf and press down hard.  Wrap the Cob in cling film tightly so the Muffaletta presses and compacts.

Place this in the fridge over night or for a minimum of 2 hours.   Weigh it down using a few tins or in between two trays to ensure it compacts really well.

To serve, unwrap the Muffaletta and slice into large wedges.

Perfect for a picnic.

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