Frozen Greek Yoghurt and Pomegranate Cubes 

frozen greek yogurt and pomegranate cubes

This is another recipe from my lastest pregnancy book, Blooming Delicious. Vermillion. £18.99 pictures by Chris Terry. These look so pretty and are extremely satisfying to eat, especially when it’s hot. You can literally pop one or two out of your ice-cube tray whenever you like, getting a good kick of calcium, which is great for your baby’s growing and hardening bones and teeth, while refreshing and cleansing your palate at the same time. I’ve also yet to find kids who don’t love these, so they are great to have in the freezer on a warm day if you have little ones already or are expecting family or friends to pop round with their brood.  Pomegranates not only look beautiful and taste divine,
but they are rich in vitamins C and K, both important
throughout your pregnancy and for a healthy immune system.

Prep Time 10 minutes • makes 2 Trays (24 Cubes)

juice of 1 lemon

4–5 tbsp sugar or agave

500g 2 per cent fat

greek yogurt

200g pomegranate seed

1 Mix the lemon juice with the sugar in a small saucepan and
heat very gently until the sugar has dissolved. Add this to the
yogurt and stir through the pomegranate seeds. Spoon or pour
the mixture into ice-cube trays and freeze for 2–3 hours until
they have set hard. once frozen, cover the trays with cling film
until ready to eat.

2 you can also drop these into a smoothie in the morning if you found you have made too many.

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