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Sausage Carbonara Pasta

Recipe from my book Cook on a shoestring. We all need a few different pasta dishes in our repertoire that we can throw together quickly and cheaply, with little fuss. […]

Great British Food – January 2014

My Life in Food Sophie Wright has plenty of delicious ideas for beating the January blues.

Great British Food – December

My Life in Food Sophie Wright usually spends Christmas day in a restaurant kitchen cooking for hundreds of revellers – here she tells us about hosting her first every family […]

Great British Food – November

My Life in Food This month, to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night she talks bonfires and barbecues.

Smoked Mackerel and Caper Pate

This pâté makes a perfect little starter for a dinner party one a budget. You can make it a couple of days ahead if you wish. If you have any […]

Sophie Cooks YouTube Channel Introduction

Sophie Cooks is a channel for everyday folk, LIKE YOU! I’m a busy bee most of the time and despite my occupation (cheffet for those of you who don’t know […]

Parsnip, Apple and Chestnut Soup

So, Christmas is done and dusted and New Years Eve seems like a drunken blur.  It’s now time to get back to normal, stop over indulging on 6 meals a […]

Sophie chats to student chefs of Northampton college

Since I became relatively successful as a young female chef, I have made a point of returning to colleges and schools and simply having and chat and cooking some grub […]

Cinnamon Pastry Recipe

Here is the link to my cinnamon pastry recipe that you will need to cook my Christmas Pies. You can add vanilla, orange zest, lemon zest or even make them […]

A Very GoggleBox Christmas With Grazia

My Booze inspired Christmas recipes for the Parkers from Gogglebox. Tiny Trifles, Boozy Cranberry Sauce and Drunken Mules.  What more could you want at Christmas time?! See the recipes below […]

Caramel, Pear and Pecan Christmas Pies

Caramel, Pear and Pecan Christmas Pies Festive Cheer is finally upon us and I’m in the mood for baking!! This recipe is especially for the Non Mince Pie lover or […]

Caramel, Pear and Pecan Christmas Pies

In this recipe, I will show you my alternative to the Mince Pie in 3 easy to follow steps.  The caramel melting middle is such a treat! Recipe link below. […]

Pepperpot Beef Stew

Pepperpot Beef Stew Perfect for a cosy night in without any fuss! My mum used to cook this for me all the time as it was one of my favourites. […]

The Kitchen Cabinet in Manchester

The BBC Radio 4 Kitchen Cabinet Panel have been in Manchester this week In this weeks program Host Jay Rayner, Henrey Dimbleby, Tim Hayward, Peter Barham and myself chatted Black […]

Sausage and Bean Stew with Wilted Courgettes

Sausage and Bean Stew with Wilted Courgettes This is the written recipe from my second websiode of Sophie Cooks.  Much to my delight, it has been extremely popular and lots […]

Roasted Butternut Squash and Endive with Parma Ham, Ricotta and Mint Salad

Roasted Butternut Squash and Endive with Parma Ham, Ricotta and Mint Salad For those of you who have watched my little webisode on the video, I thought it might be […]