BBC Radio 4 The Kitchen Cabinet


Jay Rayner and the team present a relaxing and refreshing New Year edition of The Kitchen Cabinet from The Komedia theatre in Bath.

London-born Chef Sophie Wright, food-writer joins Jay to field the audience’s questions along with restaurateur Tim Hayward, Asian-cooking expert Angela Malik, and The Kitchen Cabinet’s resident food-scientist Peter Barham.

On the menu: Peter Barham rants on how to make your Yorkshire puddings rise properly, and the panel debate the best cure for a hangover and whether detoxing and cleansing diets work.

The team also suggest their best ideas for how to make spinach taste delicious, and discuss what makes the best tasting Bath bun. Angela Malik explains how bulk cooking can save you money, and Tim Hayward talks about why butter would have to be the one ingredient he couldn’t live without.

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