Surly hot ham and molten cheese must be one of the best ways of making the French croissant, one of life’s many luxuries even better. There nothing more satisfying then making something that is already fantastic, even more wonderful and honestly, being a savory girl, I can think of a better way to do it.

You will need

4 croissants

150g gruyere cheese, grated

4 slices of Parma or Serrano ham

100g mascarpone

2 tbsp extra thick double cream

6 chestnut mushrooms

25g butter

Salt and pepper

1 egg yolk

Place the mascarpone and the double cream in a sauce pan and allow to come to the boil.  When boiling, add half of the grated cheese, season with salt and allow to cool. When cooled add the egg yolk and mix well, this will help to glaze when grilled.

Slice the mushrooms and wilt in the butter. Season with salt and pepper. Slice open the croissant at the top and pour in a spoon full of the cream mix, followed by the ham, a few mushrooms, a drizzle more cream and topped off with more cheese. Now these need to be grilled until the cheese has melted and the cream has started to glaze. They are ready!!

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