A Drunken Cinnamon and Rosemary Moscow Mule



2 limes
2 tbsp brown sugar
6 sprigs of rosemary (4 for garnish)
5 sticks of cinnamon (4 to use as straws)
300ml spiced rum
150ml cloudy apple juice
150ml spicy ginger beer
Crushed ice
4 strips of orange peel (optional)

1. In a cocktail shaker place the limes, cut into wedges, the sugar, 2 sprigs of rosemary and 1 stick of cinnamon.

2. Squash the ingredients together using a cocktail muddler or the end of a rolling pin.

3. When it’s all in a bit of a mess, add in the rum, apple juice and ginger beer. Mix well with a few cubes of ice to get it nice and cold.

4. Fill the glasses to the brim with crushed ice.

5. Pour the cocktail through a sieve to remove all the bits and pour the liquid over the ice. Garnish with rosemary, a stick of cinnamon and a strip of orange peel if you fancy

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